Monday, 6 November 2017

Blended learning for week commencing 6th Nov

Your next Unit - scheduled to be issued next week will be a studio Unit and no doubt the emphasis will be on the Materials, techniques and processes, so this weeks research will be around the equipment (materials) you use and the techniques.

Use the usual approach 50/50 split of images and text.

With the images choose 7 or 9 pieces of equipment from the studio and write 7-9 x responses, explaining what the equipment is, does and how you would use it, use technical language such as 'Point' and 'Diffuse' and link the light effect where you can to a photographer that you have studied.

For the main image - choose an image that you like by a famous photographer and include and explanation of their lighting identifying how it has been lit.

Deadline - Monday 13th November. 

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