Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Prompts - for the analysis of Materials


When you produce your work during the 1st year you must explore, identify and analyse the properties and characteristics of the materials you use.

 The prompts here encourage you to produce answers that demonstrate that you understand the characteristics and properties of the materials you use in the production of your work.


·     Is it light proof?

·     Can you draw on it – using what and why would you?

·     Why is it useful – what can you do with it?

·     How is it made? Is it made of many things or is it a simple construction or complex – how , why, what?

·     What colour is it why?

·     Is it light sensitive – explain?

·     How is it used in photography?

·     Is it waterproof?

·     What is it good for?

·     Is it tough or easily broken – explain scenario?

·     Is it heavy, bulky, light – why is this important if at all?

·     Is it cheap or expensive?

·     Is it low tech or high tech?

·     Can it be shaped, fixed, glued, stapled, nailed – does it need to be?

·     Who has used this material before (Photographer/artist)

·     Does it have to go through any process in order for it to be used – explain the process?

·     Is it smooth, rough, textured, shiny, matt etc.

·     Are there similar materials – that might be better?

·     Size, shape, thickness?

·     Wet, dry, powder, gas, solid?

·     Absorbent?

·     What is the materials origin – where does it come from?


Black Vinyl sheeting – (Polypropylene)

Black polypropylene – folder type plastic.



Product Data Sheet


Material Safety data sheet




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