Thursday, 29 June 2017

Blended Learning task for Week commencing 4th Sept 2017 - Year 2

This weeks Blended Learning task will be researching the work of Xavier Ribas.

Remember the work should be laid out in a particular way and you are advised to produce the work in an A3 display folder. Your first assignment/Unit is 'Location Photography' so when researching the work continually discuss it in terms of how it relates to 'Location Photography'.

'Barcelona' the book.     Video of the book and images contained - this book is available in The Forum library - use it and reference it in your bibliography. 

Barcelona explanation   of the work - rationale/reason/idea

When you're producing your response to the research you do please use the following approach...

Remember as you are now second year students you do need to up your game - you need to approach your work with increased maturity, depth, commitment and effort. As with last year, you should strike a balance between the use of images and written content e.g. a 50/50 split.

You should use the prompts in the side bar here to generate the written content, remembering the essence of this unit is 'Location Photography' so use the prompts that relate to commenting on the work with regards to...
(1). Light and how it used, its qualities and characteristics and the problems that arise from using daylight and artificial light.
(2). The equipment used - camera format, lens focal length, field of view, depth of field, discuss in your analysis what bearing these might have on the images.
(3). Media - are the images shot on film or digital, what difference might that make and how are the images used at the end of the process - are they exhibited if so research to see where the images are sold and what materials/media they are produced on (MTP's).
(4). The location - accessibility issues, privacy, private land, public spaces and the public. Country, region, laws, H&S.
(5). Image design and construction - elements of the image - foreground and background relationships; rules of thirds, composition.
(6). Context - who is the photographer inspired/influenced by - Use images to show similarities.
(7). Operational context - what kind of photography is it, how is it used, where is it seen, who is its audience?

Other work that you might like and consider if you really want a challenge...
Greenhouse   and Greenhouse the interview
This is optional.