Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Y02 Blended learning task - planning

Over the coming 8 days we'll be shooting using the Mamiya C330 and the 10"x8" view camera.

For your blended learning you'll need to write up a plan for both of these shoots identifying what it is you want to get from the shoot and what you need to do in preparation for the shoots.

Use the opportunity to identify the use of an array of different materials, techniques and processes, identify this opportunity in your plan. Look at the weather over the coming days including tomorrow and identify theoretical problems relating to the light. Include weather charts as part of your planning (Remember to make this visual).

Things to include in your plan...

  • Films and papers you're going to use. With the films try and use films you've not previously used and look up their properties and characteristics on the manufacturers websites 'Product data sheets.
  • Who you're going to photograph.
  • Why these shoots are useful - what are you going to gain from it and whether there is potential for you to then use either of these cameras in conjunction with your own self-directed shoots. What will be the benefits of using either camera on your own shoots?
  • Plan of poses.
  • Expectations of the light - what you expect the light will be doing regarding the mood - discuss the light in terms of mood and effect on contrast.
  • Light ratios - use of reflectors or black reflectors to increase contrast.
  • Plans for post production - e.g. your 10x8 negative images on the photo-paper - how will you convert these to high quality usable digital positives.
  • Plan to make paper-negatives using traditional darkroom contact sheet approach.
  • Props/clothes?
Once shooting make sure you photography the set up and draw floor plans.

Use both these up-coming opportunities to create loads of images and pages of practical work. Consider printing the 6x6 negatives...

  • With David Bailey-esque borders
  • With the fake post production borders in darkroom
  • With the fake digital post production borders (After scanning prints)
  • On a range of different papers (See Steve Gibbs).
  • On matt finish paper and hand-tine using mixed media approaches - different pens, pencils, paints and other mark-making tools.
  • On liquid emulsion - consider adding colour or damaging the paper (Decay).
Again all the above can be high-lighted in your plan.

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