Wednesday, 3 May 2017

BTEC consumerism - Unit 2 guidance


This may help with your consumerism article for Unit 2

You might want to structure it in this way and include some of the suggested ideas when researching and compiling the work.

Remember to choose your own artist that works with the theme consumerism as well as Landy or Perry. You will need a high quality colour image from each artist.


(1). What is consumerism a general definition; also consider looking at what wider society says about consumerism - look at different views of consumerism
Consider looking at Marxist or economic arguments for consumerism.

(2). What does either Landy or Perry say about consumerism - why are they tackling it as a subject and how do they do this through their art? Are they for consumerism or are they against it - how do you know... (a) From what they say in interviews (b) How the message is conveyed visually through their art.

(3). Using their image - Visually deconstruct the image explaining how the visual language of the image is used to convey meaning and message.

(4). Your own chosen artist  - repeat the same process sections 2 and 3 with your chosen artist.

(5). Who/what are they influenced by and how? In your research explain who or what the artists that you've chosen are influenced by, aim to identify the artist primarily, but consider politics, popular culture and society as a whole. What do these other people say about consumerism, how does your chosen artists work connect to their influences?

(6). Write a conclusion - what do you now feel about consumerism - whose views do you now share and why?

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