Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Blended learning both years BTEC and UAL


Here's this weeks Blended learning task - this is applicable to both years...

Both UAL and BTEC students are working with MTP's at the moment. So this weeks task is to learn and then summarise details relating to digital file types.

JPEG's versus Raw Files

Writing this up - as much as you can before you watch the video below, write down what you already know about the difference between JPEG's and RAW files. Having done that, then watch the video below, make notes about the key points that he raises in the video and then write up a coherent summary of the point made.

Double click on the video.
To take the work further to increase the chances of attaining the higher grades...
  • Look into TIFF and PSD's.
  • Get a small JPEG file and in Photoshop crop the image (A face) and then open and save it as a new file again and again and you'll start to see how the image degrades every time you save it as a new file. Produce a before and after version showing how the JPEG file degrades. 

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