Monday, 24 April 2017

Specialilst papers

This is for both years BTEC and UAL

At this point in conjunction with your projects you're strongly advised to shoot film (Different types) and print in the dark rooms using a range of different papers. You were all sent an email with the details relating to the use of these papers and the new arrangements for buying it. If you take up the idea, your blended learning will be to do the research identifying the properties and characteristics of the paper. As always do not plagiarise - read the material and write up in your own words.

You need to do this by 2nd May.

Here's the email sent 24/4/17 (Slightly different for the 1st years)...


 Steve Gibbs and Alex have come up with a multi-pack of different papers for use in your FMP. Used in conjunction with your test shoots this will allow for massive displays or knowledge and awareness of material, techniques and processes, especially if you research further via the manufacturers websites and compare and contrast the manufacturers claims against your own experience of their use. (Distinction potential).

 These are high-end papers for use with professional applications – two of them are especially worthy of your attention and it would be great to see some of this paper being used in your finals. One of them combined with drawing or painting or some other mark making approach would be exceptionally well received by anyone marking the work showing exceptionally high knowledge and advanced use of MTP’s. (Providing the written support was evident).

 A ‘Multipack’ of specialist papers includes the following – (£3.95)

Ilford MG 300 Art paper

Ilford Classic MG Fibre based Matt finish.

Ilford Cooltone MG IV RC with glossy finish

Ilford Warmtone MG IV RC with pearl finish

 There’s one sheet of each allowing for a few test strips and a half sheet print.

 If you like what you see and the paper suits your purposes or you want to work with it more, you can buy the papers individually in packs of 5 from Alex. A price will be issued as soon as Alex and Steve have worked it out.

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