Thursday, 2 March 2017

BTEC 1st year - Blended learning - Painters Pool - Jem Southam

This task is associated with your Unit 1 - Labyrinthine project

Painter Pool - Jem Southam

This series of images by the British Photographer Jem Southam feature a series of woodland images that could be interpreted as being 'Labyrinthine'.

Have a look on-line for further images using the search "Jem Southam painters pool". Select the one that you feel is the most 'Labyrinthine' and analyse and deconstruct it as this weeks Blended learning task.

Remember to offer your initial response to the image and then research the images and the story behind the images. (See the 2nd year post for links to the prompts).

Make sure you write about the context of the images - what kind of work is this, where would it be seen, who is its audience, who would buy this - how would it be sold?

Does it look like any artists or photography you are already aware of. Does it look like the scene from any movies you may have seen or are aware of? How does it make you feel, what is your emotional response to the work?

"Painters Pool" Jem Southam

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