Thursday, 2 February 2017

Y01 - BTEC Blended learning - Deadline Feb 8th

Hello your Blended learning for this week - due for completion and ready to be looked at and assessed on Wednesday Feb 8th will be to research one of the Artists/Photographers listed on the Unit 1 assignment.

Have a look at the options that are there and choose the one that appeals to you the most.

Remember when you're doing this research you need to be focusing on the context in which the images exist. Look to identify what type of work it is explaining how you know this...

  • Commissioned work
  • Personal work (Art)
  • Amateur work
Also identify the historical context, read about the photographer/artist and establish who they are influenced by, use images to identify connections that you're able to recognise in the work.

Finally look at Zeitgeist factors, is the work driven by any social, political, environment or cultural phenomenon? If so what - explain these connections.

*Use these Context aspects as the headings in your work.

Compile a bibliography of the sources your get your images and information from.


As usual - a mix of 50/50 images and text - 2 pages at A3 or 4 pages at A4.

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