Monday, 13 February 2017

Old Blended - Y02 Hans Van Der Meer

This weeks theme/subject is Dutch Photographer Hans Van Der Meer and his work "European Fields".

Use the links supplied, have a read through the articles and write up your research work by next Monday. Remember to save the links if you visit other websites to find additional research or images. Keep on top of the Bibliography links and save them as you go along in a word file. When you've completed a page of links for the bibliography print the page out and keep it at the back of your folder.

The emphasis of the current unit is Context, so make sure you have within your written work...

Operational Context - e.g explanations and evidence of the type of work this is - what makes it what it is, use quotes or evidence from the text.

Historical Context - e.g. who is Van Der Meer influenced by, who does his work look like (Painters and recent photographers). Find examples of such work.

This weeks links...

European Fields. * Note the video isn't about European Fields, but gives you an additional insight into the photographers work/Holland and his approach.

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