Monday, 13 February 2017

Old blended Y01 - Hockney

This week you'll be researching David Hockney focusing on the idea of 3D in photography.

You need to discuss in your analysis -  can we depict 3 dimensions using a photography which generally is seen as two dimensional... width and height?

David Hockney our greatest living artist here in the UK has frequently used cameras in his work with a phase in the 1980's when a lot of his work was produced using photography. During this period he produce images using a method he called 'Joiners' ... Photographic montages, in which Hockney explores different viewpoints in a two dimensional image.

Use the 'Pearl Blossom Highway' image as the main image to discuss, analyse and deconstruct.

Use a range of Hockney's other Joiners and possibly 'Screen grabs' from the video to illustrate Hockney's use of materials, techniques and processes. Also look out for any reference to historic art in the video and articles.

The deadline is next Monday 17th Oct. Bring in the completed work and your folder for assessment and review.

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