Monday, 13 February 2017

Old blended Y01 - Ed Burtynsky

This weeks subject is the Photographer Ed Burtynsky.

The work will need to completed and presented in class for assessment and peer assessment on October 10th (Monday)

Remember, what you need to be focusing on and commenting on in your research is the use of Materials, Techniques and Processes. (Unit 4).




Link (3) is the most useful in that it's a detailed interview with the photographer. Whenever you're producing research, one of the most effective ways of finding high quality content when using the internet is to search using the pre-fix Interview. So in this case I simply searched...

"Ed Burtynsky Pentimento Interview ".

And it came up as the 1st option. One of the other important aspects of this search is that I knew which images I was looking for, knowing what images you're researching is a key part of effective research and the best means to introduce yourself to quality images and photographers is to use Journals such as the British Journal of Photography (BJP). These are to be found in the Learning Resources Centre on the 1st floor of the college.

The interview is fairly long and rather than read the whole thing you can speed the process up and find what you're looking for by using CTRL + F. This brings up a search box/field and you simply type in the word you're looking for, in this case Pentemento. Try it.

Burtynsky goes into a lot of detail about these images discussing the materials, techniques and processes, which should lead to you doing additional research into the materials themselves. Remember the use of the prefix MSDS when you're searching for details about the equipment.

(MSDS - material safety data sheet).

Try searching MSDS Type 55 Polaroid, print off the data sheet and use some of the safety info in your work.

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