Monday, 13 February 2017

Old Blended learning - Y02 - Stephen Gill

As second years you know the drill. If you've forgotten, have a look at the link here for a reminder.

This week you will need to produce research material on the Photographer Stephen Gill. Use the links below. Remember it's useful to initially write up your opinion of the images and then...

Watch the videos and read the texts and summarise and write up your response having then learned about the work and the photographer. Use the prompts to write up an analytical response to the work. See the side bar for the prompts or use the list of prompts on the wall in the 'Prep Room'.

Lastly, as you do the research save the links for your bibliography and put them straight into a word filed and do this as you go along.


The links...



Do not forget the work must be completed and submitted in the first lesson with Dave Thompson the following week.

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