Monday, 13 February 2017

Old Blended learning Y02 - Shoes

Your next assignment looks at 'The Audience' and is concerned therefore with the people looking at images and responding to them appropriately. You'll be looking at advertising and exploring how it works and engages its audience, who the audience is and the demographics involved.

The theme is shoes, so as a starting point you're to look at shoes as a cultural phenomenon and their use and appearance in art and photography.

Choose one of the following photographers

Jan Van Eyck
Hector Mediavilla
Helmet Newton
Anna Fox
Melanie Pullen - Crime scenes
Guy Bourdin

Analyse your chosen photographers/artists work looking at the use of shoes in the images, why are they there, what are they telling us, what is being suggested by their inclusion in the images. Look at all of the artists before making a decision as to which photographer you respond to. Remember one page of several images - perhaps with your initial response and then on the main page use a 'Key' images to analyse and deconstruct and write about in more depth.

Maintain your bibliography - cross reference other artists listed here with your chosen artist.

You're strongly advised to produce the research in a separate folder.

The work needs to be completed for review week 28th Nov. 10.00hrs deadline Monday.

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