Monday, 13 February 2017

Old Blended learning - Y02 - David Bailey

David Bailey and the 1960's this week. The work needs to be written up, images all collated and stuck in your folders by Monday next week 10th Oct.

The emphasis of your work this week is looking at the context of David Bailey's rise from East End boy to one of the most famous and influential photographers in the world. What was happening around him - politics, society, economy, culture that enabled his rise to fame.




Be careful when selecting your images, remember one of the things you'll be working with when producing your own images based on Bailey and the 1960's is the inclusion of the border in the print and the square format - refer to video (1) as he talks to Kirsty Wark of Newsnight, note how many of the images are square format and include the black border.

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