Monday, 13 February 2017

Old blended learning Y02 - 1st Nov

This weeks theme for your research is the legend Corinne Day.

You need to focus on her personal work 'Diary' and demonstrate that you have an awareness of the context of her work...

(1). Operational context - What type of work was 'Diary'.
(2). Historical and social context - what was happening around Corinne Day at the time, what was happening in mainstream fashion, what was happening culturally - music, art etc?

Use the links below -

Make sure you copy the links you use to collate your information - images and text and maintain you bibliography as you go along.

Remember the key things you need to be writing about are the characteristics and context of the photography. We only need to see images from the 'Diary' series in this first section.

Deadline - Next Tuesday. 8th Nov.

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