Monday, 13 February 2017

Old Blended learning Y01 - The Bechers

Hello here's this weeks Blended learning task.

The work needs to completed by this coming Monday (October 3rd) ready for the peer review lesson and assessment. Please ensure the work is finished and presented in your A3 folder in that lesson. It should comprise of 2 sides of A3. One side primarily images (Up to 8) featuring other associated images from the same series/period, images of the equipment used, the photographs in situ e.g. in a gallery and images of work that may have influenced the work. On the opposite page you should use one single A5 'Main image' that you write about and analyse in more depth using the prompts.

This week you need to start an additional page which is the start of your bibliography that you'll need to compile and add to on a weekly basis. This will need to be updated and printed off every two weeks or so. It is recommended that you copy the web-links as you do you research directly into a word file. It's also recommended that you prefix the web-link with a one word description of the type of research you've used as demonstrated and explained in class today.


As below...


This weeks theme 'The Becher's'  and Typologies




Of the two photographers here 'The Bechers' are the ones you need to look at and write about in depth. Mollison has been included to show how photographers have been influenced by the work of 'The Bechers' you could comment on the similarities and included examples of Mollisons images (Further research). 

The main things you need to write about (Use headings) to differentiate...

  • What equipment is used?
  • What materials are used?
  • What techniques are used?
  • What processes are used?

For additional prompts to generate written content see the sidebar here on the blog or refer to the list on the wall in the classroom at college.

The work must be completed in full and presented on Monday 3rd October in Dave Thompson's session. 

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