Monday, 13 February 2017

Old Blended learning Y01 7th Nov


This week in-line with the need to focus on your identification of MTP's including equipment, you're set the task to research your own DSLR camera and other similar cameras. I would suggest that on one page (made up of primarily images) you write about DSLR's in a general way and on the other page... Use an image of your own camera as the main single image and write about your camera around it.

Use your manual or find a digital version on-line of your camera. Other options would be to watch Youtube videos about your camera or find your camera on the websites below... - this is for a Nikon D3100, just type your cameras name in the search field.

When you write the other page and discuss generic DSLR camera features use your book 'Starting photography'.

Deadline 15th Nov

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