Monday, 13 February 2017

Old blended learning Y01 - 1st Nov

The emphasis of your research now needs to shift towards being very specific over the next 3 weeks...

Over the coming weeks in conjunction with your assessed work on which you'll be graded you need to produce some detailed research into Materials.

This week...Film

Focus on the film that you have already used and have some experience of... Ilford HP5+ 135/36

Use this image for your Main image.

Use the links below to conduct your research. The emphasis of the research needs to be on Ilford HP5 + , but you should identify a number of other films that we'd like to see you use over the coming months these include...

Ilford FP4 +
Ilford XP2
Kodak TMAX 400
Kodak Tri-X-pan 400

What makes each film different? Why are there so many different types of films? What sizes do the films come in and what type of cameras are the different sized films used in?

This week in addition to the usual links you're expected to use, you'll be given hard-copy materials  with basic information on film.

Deadline for this to be completed - 8th Nov 2016.

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