Monday, 13 February 2017

Old blended learning - Derek Ridgers 'Kylie' Y01

First years (BTEC)

This is your blended learning work for this week. It's important to remember this work has to be completed and brought in for assessment each week. Your work will be assessed in the session Monday 13.00hrs. You Must bring the work into college completed.

Look at the 4 links below. Watch the videos, read the articles, make notes print off images. You can also print off the articles if need be, but you must not copy the content unless you are quoting.

Make sure you save the links from the articles you use for your research and add them to a word file as you go along forming a bibliography. This also includes links for your image sources.


The subject/theme         
Derek Ridgers - Kylie Minogue/Portraits.

Derek Ridgers - Press reviews use the CTRL + to zoom in to the content.

Derek Ridgers discussing equipment (Materials) and technique


Kylie image


The main emphasis of your work will be to look at and explain the use of materials, techniques and processes. Prompts to respond to should include...

  • Why was the lighting used?
  • What type of camera was used and why?
  • How does the use of the equipment affect the image (Creative intention)?
You'll be introduced to one of Ridgers images in Dave T's lesson where the image will be examined and analysed in detail. Make sure you make notes and gather as much information from that lesson.

One page should be made up of primarily images with annotations and the other page, the 'key' image that you write about in more depth. see here

Deadline for this work Monday 19th sept 13.00hrs. You MUST bring the completed work in to be assessed.

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