Tuesday, 21 February 2017

BTEC 1st year blended learning task

Hello,                                                            Note - Do not copy the text, do not use Wikipedia.

This one is associated with your Unit 01 'Labyrinthine' work.

You need to research Idris Khan. What you need to produce is...

2 Full pages of work if produce as A3 in the format that you're already aware of or...
4 Full pages of work if produced as A4 - 2 pages of images and 2 pages of commentary/analysis.

With regards to the analysis you need to focus on showing that you're aware of the context in which this work is produced (Operational context) and also the historical context e.g. who's work is it inspired by, who and what are Idris Khan's influences?

The images you need to focus on and discuss/analyse are of the type see here (Double click the image below)

For more examples see links below...




Also look at the Artists Gary Hume who does something similar in a non-photographic manner.

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