Monday, 13 February 2017

Blended learning 17th Oct - Y01

The deadline for this work is Monday 31st Oct

This week you need to research the camera that you've been using. In photography when we're asked to describe or analyse the use of materials, this also includes the cameras you use. So when we say materials techniques and processes, also think Equipment, Techniques and processes.

The Ken Rockwell link is probably the one you need to read thoroughly as he tells it like it is with this camera and the use of film v digital. - click the 2 PDF links above the camera image at the bottom of this web page.

The link here is for the light meter as seen through the view-finder

Additional images can be found using Google search "Pentax K1000 controls".


(1). Make the main A5 image on the text page an image of the Pentax K1000 camera.

Prompts that you might use to form your written work/paragraphs on the main written page...

(2). Focusing.
(3). Shutter speed control/settings.
(4). ISO setting.
(5). Aperture settings/control.
(6). Light metering.
(7). Removing the lens.
(8). Loading the film.

All the above can have associated images on the adjacent image page.

Note. If you're looking at any of the phrases and not understanding them, you need to be looking them up in your reference book below, these should all be familiar to you at this stage. If you've not got this book - you need to buy it.

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