Monday, 2 January 2017

Blended learning Y01 week commencing 9th Jan

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This Blended learning task is to go in your VLC folder.

This weeks task is to research  a series of images from the 1970's "26 Gas stations" by Ed Ruscha.

Prior to the Christmas break you had a lesson where research was discussed looking at the different forms of research and the use of a bibliography. I you refer to your notes you should recall that you were directed to be a lot more discerning about where you access your secondary research from.

If you now search Ed Ruscha 26 Gasoline stations using Google, you'll find of the top ten website results, more than half of them are sources that are usable.

Find your preferred 3 websites that you feel are the ones that offer you the most relevant information. Use the 3 best websites from the top 10 and write up your research work in the normal way - refer to your notes today (Task 006) with regards to the type of things you need to record in your research

Also make sure you keep a good balance between written content and images 50/50 (half and half).

The deadline for this work is Monday 18th Jan. I will be checking this work on the 18th, so please make sure it has been completed.

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