Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Blended learning Y01 - Unit 1 - labyrinthine


The Unit 1 project is to be Labyrinthine. You'll be given a series of artists to look at when the brief is issued, but in the short term for this weeks blended learning look at the work of Ed Burtynsky.

Burtynsky shoots some of his work from the air, many of the images can be construed as labyrinthine in their appearance, so he may offer a starting point for your work/ideas.

Image result for ed burtynsky manufactured landscapes

Look up Ed Burtynsky using the description in Google Ed Burtynsky manufactured landscapes. Choose one key image and use the prompts that you should all be aware of now and deconstruct the images. Explain why it is labyrinthine and produce your reaction to the image in the usual way, but also discuss whether it offers you any ideas.

Look too below at the additional links to get a sense of labyrinthine.

Ed Burtynsky oil pollution

Ed Burtynsky deltas

 * We're using Burtynsky because he is a massively respected photographer who works in both the 'Art' field of photographer as well as the commercial field.

Make sure you have a 50/50 split of photographs v written content. Make sure you collate your links for your bibliography and keep updating it and adding to it. Cross reference quotes as recently explained  in recent lessons and be sure to use quotes in your work.

Deadline 25th Jan

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