Thursday, 26 January 2017

Y02 Blended learning Due Feb 2nd

As we're drawing ever closer to the FMP and the requirement to produce independent research associated with your FMP theme, your task this week is to research a photographer/artist or a piece of equipment of your choice.

Ideally the starting point in this situation should be either books or Journals. The use of books and journals as part of your research process is essential if you are looking to attain the higher grades. Additionally UAL have expressed a need to see evidence of the use of Books and Journals alongside the use of a bibliography and quotes in your research work. All of these approaches will help to enable you to attain higher grades.

Starting points - BJP's, Aperture, Hotshoe,

Photography the Whole Story (Campany and Hacking).
The Photograph as Contemporary Art (Charlotte Cotton).

Due for Feb 2nd.

Blended learning 26th Jan - Deadline February 1st

Sticking with Ed Burtynsky, you’re now set the task of researching and establishing the context factors relating to Burtynsky’s work. This entails you researching Burtynsky and his work and identifying what drives it, what drives him to make the work and what kind of work it is?

‘Operational context’ This involves you discovering through research the type of work that Burtynsky does. We’ve discussed previously that photography can be seen to exist in 3 different domains…

·         Amateur Photography 99% of the photography you see on Google images.

·         Professional commissioned photography.

·         Art Photography – personal work where the photographer has almost 100% control over every aspect of the process and the work and how it is sold/marketed/distributed.

What domain does Burtynsky’s work exist in – present your evidence to support your case.

‘Historical context’ – This involves you researching and discovering whether Burtynsky refers to other artists or photographers as an influence, who are they and can you see the connection – use images and quotes.

Read reviews and interviews relating to Burtynsky. Do reviewers and critics make connections with other artists/photographers – again use images and quotes and comment on whether you agree with what they say – why?

Zeitgeist Modern contextual factors – what is happening around the worldpolitical, social, environmental that Burtynsky might be reacting to, what evidence can you find – use quotes. Explain and illustrate these connections.

How to put it together…

(1). Find an image – one that links to the word “Labyrinthine” and use as your Key image. Collect a number of associated images and any images linked to photographers/artists whose work influences Burtynsky’s.

(2). Write your initial response to the images saying what you think they’re about and what it is they are trying to convey to the audience – what is the message? Title this section ‘My initial response’.

(3). Then research Burtynsky and his work using the guidance above; produce your response based on your research/reading identifying and analysing the contextual factors.

You are strongly advised to use books and evidence the use of books in your bibliography.

The Photograph as Contemporary Art – Charlotte Cotton, Thames and Hudson.

Photography the Whole Story – Juliet Hacking and David Campany, Thames and Hudson


Thursday, 19 January 2017

Y02 Blended learning Due 26th Jan


This week this is the key image that you need to work with. An associated video can be found here
Primarily you need to be identifying the audience for these images and discussing the visual language aspects of the images.

Image result for musto volvo ocean race

Usual format 50/50 spilt between images and written content - use the prompts on the 3rd floor or on the other blog here

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Blended learning Y01 - Unit 1 - labyrinthine


The Unit 1 project is to be Labyrinthine. You'll be given a series of artists to look at when the brief is issued, but in the short term for this weeks blended learning look at the work of Ed Burtynsky.

Burtynsky shoots some of his work from the air, many of the images can be construed as labyrinthine in their appearance, so he may offer a starting point for your work/ideas.

Image result for ed burtynsky manufactured landscapes

Look up Ed Burtynsky using the description in Google Ed Burtynsky manufactured landscapes. Choose one key image and use the prompts that you should all be aware of now and deconstruct the images. Explain why it is labyrinthine and produce your reaction to the image in the usual way, but also discuss whether it offers you any ideas.

Look too below at the additional links to get a sense of labyrinthine.

Ed Burtynsky oil pollution

Ed Burtynsky deltas

 * We're using Burtynsky because he is a massively respected photographer who works in both the 'Art' field of photographer as well as the commercial field.

Make sure you have a 50/50 split of photographs v written content. Make sure you collate your links for your bibliography and keep updating it and adding to it. Cross reference quotes as recently explained  in recent lessons and be sure to use quotes in your work.

Deadline 25th Jan

Monday, 9 January 2017

2nd year Blended task 9th Jan

Deadline for this is Tuesday 17th Jan (Studio session).

I'll be asking for this in that session to check to see that it's been completed.

The task...

Research Musto clothing photography.

Use the image here as the key image (Click the image to go to the video it's been sourced from)
Watch the video get a sense of who the audience is and when writing up your analysis of the image above by all mean cross reference the video and additional stills images you choose to select from the video.

Use the usual format e.g. 1 page of images and one main page of text with a key image (Above). Your work should look similar to the example below...

Please ensure you get this done by the deadline.

Monday, 2 January 2017

Blended learning Y01 week commencing 9th Jan

Hello, The blogs address has changed, the old blog with all of the old links can be found via the link at the bottom of the page.

This Blended learning task is to go in your VLC folder.

This weeks task is to research  a series of images from the 1970's "26 Gas stations" by Ed Ruscha.

Prior to the Christmas break you had a lesson where research was discussed looking at the different forms of research and the use of a bibliography. I you refer to your notes you should recall that you were directed to be a lot more discerning about where you access your secondary research from.

If you now search Ed Ruscha 26 Gasoline stations using Google, you'll find of the top ten website results, more than half of them are sources that are usable.

Find your preferred 3 websites that you feel are the ones that offer you the most relevant information. Use the 3 best websites from the top 10 and write up your research work in the normal way - refer to your notes today (Task 006) with regards to the type of things you need to record in your research

Also make sure you keep a good balance between written content and images 50/50 (half and half).

The deadline for this work is Monday 18th Jan. I will be checking this work on the 18th, so please make sure it has been completed.

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