Monday, 24 April 2017

Specialilst papers

This is for both years BTEC and UAL

At this point in conjunction with your projects you're strongly advised to shoot film (Different types) and print in the dark rooms using a range of different papers. You were all sent an email with the details relating to the use of these papers and the new arrangements for buying it. If you take up the idea, your blended learning will be to do the research identifying the properties and characteristics of the paper. As always do not plagiarise - read the material and write up in your own words.

You need to do this by 2nd May.

Here's the email sent 24/4/17 (Slightly different for the 1st years)...


 Steve Gibbs and Alex have come up with a multi-pack of different papers for use in your FMP. Used in conjunction with your test shoots this will allow for massive displays or knowledge and awareness of material, techniques and processes, especially if you research further via the manufacturers websites and compare and contrast the manufacturers claims against your own experience of their use. (Distinction potential).

 These are high-end papers for use with professional applications – two of them are especially worthy of your attention and it would be great to see some of this paper being used in your finals. One of them combined with drawing or painting or some other mark making approach would be exceptionally well received by anyone marking the work showing exceptionally high knowledge and advanced use of MTP’s. (Providing the written support was evident).

 A ‘Multipack’ of specialist papers includes the following – (£3.95)

Ilford MG 300 Art paper

Ilford Classic MG Fibre based Matt finish.

Ilford Cooltone MG IV RC with glossy finish

Ilford Warmtone MG IV RC with pearl finish

 There’s one sheet of each allowing for a few test strips and a half sheet print.

 If you like what you see and the paper suits your purposes or you want to work with it more, you can buy the papers individually in packs of 5 from Alex. A price will be issued as soon as Alex and Steve have worked it out.

Thursday, 2 March 2017

BTEC 1st year - Blended learning - Painters Pool - Jem Southam

This task is associated with your Unit 1 - Labyrinthine project

Painter Pool - Jem Southam

This series of images by the British Photographer Jem Southam feature a series of woodland images that could be interpreted as being 'Labyrinthine'.

Have a look on-line for further images using the search "Jem Southam painters pool". Select the one that you feel is the most 'Labyrinthine' and analyse and deconstruct it as this weeks Blended learning task.

Remember to offer your initial response to the image and then research the images and the story behind the images. (See the 2nd year post for links to the prompts).

Make sure you write about the context of the images - what kind of work is this, where would it be seen, who is its audience, who would buy this - how would it be sold?

Does it look like any artists or photography you are already aware of. Does it look like the scene from any movies you may have seen or are aware of? How does it make you feel, what is your emotional response to the work?

"Painters Pool" Jem Southam

UAL Y02 Extended Diploma Blended learning - due 9th March

This links with your FMP. There's two options as with last week...

(1). If you've got a basic idea for your FMP and you know your theme, find your own artist/photographer or associated piece of information and produce your required two pages A3 or 4 pages if you're working using an  A4 sketchbook.

(2). If you've still yet to make a decision on your theme, research Richard Avedon. Avedon is famous for both his fashion photography and his work "In the American West". Choose one or the other depending on whether you prefer fashion or portraiture/documentary.

Remember to compile a bibliography as you research your information and images. If you've got the recommended books you should have bought for the course you'll find Avedon in the book allowing you to add 'Hard-copy' sources to your bibliography.

Remember if you do internet research try and use high quality websites e.g. national newspapers, museums and art galleries. Use quotes and cross reference your quotes with your bibliography.

Lay it out like this -
Start the written work by offering your initial response to the key (Single) image, for example use the prompts here...

(1).Do you recognise any similarities between this image and the work of other photographers/artists or perhaps programs on the television – how are they connected, how might this work be influenced.

(2).What mood is conveyed in the image, is it conveyed through the use of light, colour or something else… body language/facial expression.

(3). What do you think the images are about, what is the message – what are they trying convey to us – why do you think this?
Click here for further prompts (look in side bar).

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

UAL Y02 Blended learning


This week you have a choice.

1. If you have some idea of what your basic theme is for your FMP, choose your own artist/photographer and conduct your own research in the way that you've been taught since September.

* Try at this stage to use books and journals, you're going to lessen your chances of attaining a higher grade if you rely entirely on internet based research. (Applies to both tasks).

2. If you're still struggling for an idea at this point choose your photographer on the basis of their technique or use of materials techniques or processes. So this week look at Irving Penn - specifically focusing on the 'Corner' portraits.

Remember though it is more important than ever to now compile a bibliography, use quotes and cross reference your quotes with your bibliography.

BTEC 1st year blended learning task

Hello,                                                            Note - Do not copy the text, do not use Wikipedia.

This one is associated with your Unit 01 'Labyrinthine' work.

You need to research Idris Khan. What you need to produce is...

2 Full pages of work if produce as A3 in the format that you're already aware of or...
4 Full pages of work if produced as A4 - 2 pages of images and 2 pages of commentary/analysis.

With regards to the analysis you need to focus on showing that you're aware of the context in which this work is produced (Operational context) and also the historical context e.g. who's work is it inspired by, who and what are Idris Khan's influences?

The images you need to focus on and discuss/analyse are of the type see here (Double click the image below)

For more examples see links below...

Also look at the Artists Gary Hume who does something similar in a non-photographic manner.

Monday, 13 February 2017

Old blended learning - Derek Ridgers 'Kylie' Y01

First years (BTEC)

This is your blended learning work for this week. It's important to remember this work has to be completed and brought in for assessment each week. Your work will be assessed in the session Monday 13.00hrs. You Must bring the work into college completed.

Look at the 4 links below. Watch the videos, read the articles, make notes print off images. You can also print off the articles if need be, but you must not copy the content unless you are quoting.

Make sure you save the links from the articles you use for your research and add them to a word file as you go along forming a bibliography. This also includes links for your image sources.


The subject/theme         
Derek Ridgers - Kylie Minogue/Portraits.

Derek Ridgers - Press reviews use the CTRL + to zoom in to the content.

Derek Ridgers discussing equipment (Materials) and technique


Kylie image


The main emphasis of your work will be to look at and explain the use of materials, techniques and processes. Prompts to respond to should include...

  • Why was the lighting used?
  • What type of camera was used and why?
  • How does the use of the equipment affect the image (Creative intention)?
You'll be introduced to one of Ridgers images in Dave T's lesson where the image will be examined and analysed in detail. Make sure you make notes and gather as much information from that lesson.

One page should be made up of primarily images with annotations and the other page, the 'key' image that you write about in more depth. see here

Deadline for this work Monday 19th sept 13.00hrs. You MUST bring the completed work in to be assessed.

Old Blended learning - Y02 - Stephen Gill

As second years you know the drill. If you've forgotten, have a look at the link here for a reminder.

This week you will need to produce research material on the Photographer Stephen Gill. Use the links below. Remember it's useful to initially write up your opinion of the images and then...

Watch the videos and read the texts and summarise and write up your response having then learned about the work and the photographer. Use the prompts to write up an analytical response to the work. See the side bar for the prompts or use the list of prompts on the wall in the 'Prep Room'.

Lastly, as you do the research save the links for your bibliography and put them straight into a word filed and do this as you go along.


The links...



Do not forget the work must be completed and submitted in the first lesson with Dave Thompson the following week.